Because of how
we are
We are People first and that is what our mission is based on: to improve people's lives by creating an environment in which they can become the best version of themselves. And we achieve this by seeking excellence in our work and also by having fun.
Because of how
we work
We balance close treatment and the most developed technological systems. We work collaboratively to offer the best service to clients and candidates, and we give priority to the profiles of people with disabilities.
Because of what
we have achieved
We are a committed team that has enabled us to position ourselves as the leading national human resources company in Spain and to grow in more countries while maintaining a culture based on leadership by values.
Welcome to People first

Because of how we are

And what is People first?” you must be wondering. People first is our way of looking at society and understanding the relationship people should have with the world of work.

It means understanding that work should make us feel good. Every day. And that not only do we have to feel it, but so does everyone around us. Everyone. In our own workplaces, in our homes and in our lives.

People first is to understand that the values and welfare of workers at work are a much more sustainable – and profitable – path to development, not only for companies, but of the whole of society. Something we have achieved through leadership by values, a management model based on transparency, responsibility and respect to create an environment of trust that generates commitment and makes it easier for people to give their best. This is how the People First concept is put into practice in companies. In each and every job.

It is based on the premise that people are the center of companies and that a company does better when its workers are doing well. At Eurofirms Group we have achieved this by providing each member of the team with the necessary resources to carry out their work freely and responsibly, achieving their welfare which has a positive impact on their entire environment.

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Because of how we work

In Eurofirms Group we have the most advanced technology that allows us to offer our service in the most efficient and transparent way. We work in a collaborative way between different offices and business lines to facilitate the management and control in real time to the client, besides offering a better service.

However, we also believe that what we do goes far beyond finding CVs that fit a vacancy. What we do is find people who fit a company. And that means getting to know these people and these companies. Really knowing them. Something that is achieved by spending as much time with them as you need to.

Through our Eurofirms Foundation, we prioritise the profiles of people with disabilities for any job that has to be filled from any division, matching the needs of the organisations with the capabilities of the candidates. And this can only be achieved by really knowing each person.

Focusing on the welfare of the team, we get committed people who do their work with enthusiasm and motivation and who bring out their best, getting loyal customers and the involvement of candidates and workers.

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Because of what we have achieved

Our greatest achievement cannot be translated into numbers: the welfare of our employees, of all the people hired through us and the satisfaction of our customers. It is a chain of happiness.

Eurofirms Group is the 1st national company of human resources in Spain, with a trajectory of more than 30 years. We are a team of 1.200 hearts that beat with a clear vocation for service, committed to always offering the best solution to each company or candidate that comes to us.

We have managed to be one of the fastest growing European companies according to The Financial Times ranking for 3 consecutive years and a success story in IESE, one of the best business schools in the world, as a values-driven company with demonstrated business success.

You can find us at any of our offices in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Chile.

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