Modest origins

Eurofirms was founded in Girona, from where it offers services to other Spanish companies in sectors such as translation and personnel selection. In less than 2 years, the company specializes in temporary work solutions, personnel selection and human resources consulting.


Sustained growth

The company is growing thanks to Miquel Jordà, owner of Eurofirms Group, who is committed to humanizing the company's culture and building a framework for action that generates commitment among workers, based on respect, responsibility and transparency. This is the beginning of the leadership by values by which the company is governed.


National expansion

After moving its headquarters to Cassà de la Selva, a municipality in the province of Girona, Eurofirms opens its first office outside of Catalonia, in Utrillas (Teruel). This office is opened after a client requests service in this municipality. After a few months, the company settles in Zaragoza and this is how it starts its national expansion.


A difficult year

Despite the economic downturn, Eurofirms continues to be active and growing. In 2008 the temporary employment agency Trabatem became part of the company, so from that moment on Eurofirms is present in Madrid, Alicante, Galicia and Andalusia.


The crisis, an opportunity

Despite the difficult situation at that time, Eurofirms decided to make a radical change and focus its strategy on new opportunities. Unlike most companies, it opens new offices and strengthens its commercial network. What at first seems crazy ends up being a success and from April 2009, the company returns to generate profits.


Training of talent

Although the country's economy is still stagnant, 2010 is beginning to see a revival in contracting in export-related sectors. The Eurofirms team is currently focused on efficiently and effectively solving the needs of the sector in order to obtain the best results.


New markets

Eurofirms abre dos oficinas en Lisboa y Oporto, a raíz de la petición de un cliente. De esta forma, la compañía abre mercado en Portugal, inicia una nueva etapa internacional y afronta nuevos retos.


Good prospects

With the improvement in the consumption, there is an increase in recruitment and Eurofirms continues to grow. The work carried out during the previous years allows us to have a team that is more than prepared and in full performance.


Permanent innovation

In 2015 ISS Facility Services, a company from Lisbon, becomes part of the company, which means an expansion of the office network in Portugal and a consolidation of the team in this country. Eurofirms' technological platform has become a reference in the sector due to its capacity to facilitate all types of management related to recruitment, candidate selection, hiring and administrative processes.


International expansion

Eurofirms is celebrating its 25th anniversary as the leading national human resources company, the fourth in the sector if foreign capital firms are included. At the moment it has 434 workers, 87 offices in Spain and Portugal, more than 3,500 clients and more than 15,000 people hired every day. In the same year, Mnemon Group became part of the company, and Inneria was born. This division of the group specialized in the outsourcing of processes and activities.


Commitment to innovation

CornerJob becomes part of the Eurofirms Group, continuing the constant commitment to innovation. We open a market in Chile. Talent Savior is born.


Headquarters expansion

We open a new building with extensive facilities ready to face new challenges. Eurofirms Group is born.