And how do we do it?

We balance close, person-to-person contact with highly developed technological systems; innovation forms part of our DNA. Our technological resources improve the management of people to make the day-to-day work of our customers, employees and candidates much easier.

Socially responsible algorithm

We are People first and we believe in equal opportunities for all people, and this is something that our algorithm is very clear about. This is why it prioritises profiles of people with disabilities and is socially responsible. But we not only prioritise these profiles, we also match the needs of the companies with the skills of the candidates.

Daily log of the working day and validation of the hours

We make it easy for you. With our app you can manage your daily routines via your smartphone. Workers will be able to enter the hours in real time to enable our customers to check and approve them. This is another example of how our technological commitment seeks to simplify, facilitate and optimise day-to-day processes.

Job search applications

Are you looking for work? Find it via the Eurofirms app and CornerJob. You can search by areas, set up notifications to receive job alerts and track your applications. The CornerJob app also allows candidates and companies to communicate directly with each other via the chat.

Worker’s private area

In the private area, as an employee, you can manage and carry out all the procedures related to your recruitment: sign documentation, view your employment history and configure your profile to add work preferences and update your personal information. All the procedures are in a single space to facilitate the management as much as possible.

Customers’ private area

Document management, monitoring of selection processes, real-time audits, personalised reports, absenteeism and turnover control, alerts and notifications are just some of the procedures that you can carry out via the customers’ private area. We know that your time is valuable, which is why we simplify the steps to enable you to invest it in the company’s progress.

CornerJob, online work

With a database of 8 million candidates, CornerJob is a job search platform with 40,000 downloads per month. Its benefits? Numerous ones; it can be integrated into Facebook Jobs and direct chat between candidates and companies and you can check the candidates’ recommendations, among other benefits. A benchmark app for job and candidate searches.

Application for the agricultural sector

Workers in the agricultural sector can sign the documents at the place of work, without the need for a connection or mobile device. Everything is always easier and more streamlined, guaranteeing legislative compliance.

Applications to improve efficiency

Inneria, our division specialising in the outsourcing of services, has different applications that can control and monitor commercial activities by means of a dashboard system. You’ll be able to monitor the most relevant KPIs and control all the processes so as to easily detect which elements are more productive and efficient.