Eurofirms continues its value chain at Christmas with a charity initiative

As it is Christmas, and for the third year running, the company is making a donation to the Fight AIDS Foundation. Eurofirms is giving away an advent calendar to its clients for them to share special moments with those around them.


Eurofirms, Spain’s top Human Resources company, continues with its value chain, which it started last year. This year it does so with an advent calendar to share special moments and values this Christmas, along with a donation to the Fight Aids Foundation. Following the same line as last year, in which a book of vouchers was given to clients, this charity initiative aims to transmit Eurofirms values, inspire companies with our value-based management model in which people and their well-being are seen as a priority, and contribute to a socially sustainable world, encouraging our clients to follow the Eurofirms Chain of Values.

The company’s consultants will be handing out an advent calendar to their clients so that when they open the window each day, they can share values and experience special moments with those around them. The calendar contains daily challenges which inspire values such as taking part in a blindfolded trust challenge, details to put up the Christmas decorations as a team, word searches and crossword puzzles and vouchers to thank someone or have a coffee together.

For every box given out, Eurofirms will donate 15 euros to the Fight AIDS Foundation, whose work focuses on research, developing vaccines and applying therapeutic and prevention strategies. This is the third consecutive year that Eurofirms has made a donation to the foundation for Christmas, as it contributed 50,000 euros to humanitarian causes carried out by this entity last year.

This initiative will also be promoted on social networks and anyone who wishes to can share these special moments using the hashtag: #EurofirmsValueChain.

Eurofirms is a company that is firmly committed to the well-being of people in society, with the aim of making the world a better place. We reaffirm our sense of social responsibility with this charity initiative, encouraging all our clients to follow our Chain of Values and get involved in this non-profit initiative.