International solidarity project in Mozambique

At the Carmelo Hospital we help to combat HIV in one of the areas with the highest level of cases of infection by the virus.

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Sister Elisa Verdú, a doctor and missionary originally from Alcoy, is the driving force and the soul of Carmelo Hospital, a health centre located in the urban area of Chókwè, one of the places most affected by HIV in Mozambique.

The hospital, leader in the treatment of HIV and tuberculosis  patients in the area, has been in operation since 1995, with the help of the community of Sisters of Charity of Saint Paul and the community of Saint  Egidio.

The Fight AIDS Foundation works together with Sister Elisa Verdú and the Carmelo Hospital to solve some complicated clinical cases, performing diagnostic testing, recruiting personnel with specialised training, providing perishable materials and, ultimately, improving the health and quality of life of all inhabitants of the region.

Fight AIDS Foundation project.

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