Employee Branding: training people managers

A Eurofirms initiative to contribute to the development of Human Resource managers

Eurofirms is committed to being a company that has a positive impact on society, not only on the people in our team but also our customers and human resource professionals from different companies.

This is why, in order to contribute to improving their businesses, we are setting up a cycle of training sessions dealing exclusively with Employee Branding. This method of communicating the organisation’s brand and values enables us to make teams aligned with the company culture, each of them acting as brand ambassadors.

Under the supervision of Álex López, among LinkedIn’s top 20 Global Social Selling Influencers, and thanks to Eurofirms, more than 500 people have attended the workshops, learning about the potential of the digital environment and the use of LinkedIn and other social media to enhance their personal and company brand image, as well as receiving recommendations for attracting and retaining talent.

A commitment by Eurofirms to contribute to people’s development. Eurofirms People first.

Download the Eurofirms report titled “Radiography of Employee Branding in Spanish companies 2017”.

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