Get a decent job for as many people as possible: Eurofirms Group’s project is to be a reference company in the sector, for the quality of our contributions, for the volume of our activity and for a wide geographical scope. We have created an exciting project, which allows people to fulfil themselves professionally and personally. An opportunity for development and growth for our workers and collaborators.

Satisfaction surveys: The team of people that make up Eurofirms Group is committed to the continuous improvement of our way of working, always seeking well-being and excellence. Every year we elaborate satisfaction surveys with our clients and workers, which allow us to know and follow the quality of our service. We have achieved excellent results, exceeding in most of the questions 85% of the score over 100.

Employee satisfaction
Customer satisfaction

Platforms for easy access to job offers:  We have developed our own tools to facilitate access to our own and third-party job offers to all people who are actively seeking work. For this purpose, we have the Eurofirms ETT temporary employment website, the Eurofirms app, the CornerJob marketplace and app and the Claire Joster website, with recruitment offers for all types of profiles.

Protection of labour rights, living wage and payroll: from our labour and Legal area, we guarantee compliance with the law in all contracts, both our own and those made available to us, as well as remuneration based on the salaries established by agreement. We have an app for the registration of hours that speeds up the payment of the payroll of the workers made available. All these practices are also extended to the internal team.

We help to generate wealth: although our final goal is not turnover, we are very proud of the results obtained thanks to the commitment and the work well done by our team. In this way we contribute to the generation of economic value and growth of the economy.

Blog Peole first: our blog People first is an inspiring space with interviews and articles that share a common axis: people. Values, innovation, talent, social networks, technology, diversity, work, motivation… We share different topics, trends, news of human interest and give voice to organizations and companies that care about their team from different perspectives and sectors, trying to create work spaces that generate welfare. People first is our grain of sand to create a better world.