We are People first: our business model is focused on people’s well-being.

Work flexibility and telecommuting: in line with the timetable reform, we have implemented and made flexible working hours to contribute to an improvement in the quality of life of all our employees. We follow guidelines to offer an excellent service and, in this way, each team is responsible for managing its own schedule. At the same time, our focus on technology has allowed us to promote teleworking and combine it with our face-to-face dynamics.

ORP policies: Occupational Risk Prevention is a key factor in the development of our activity, both in terms of respecting the health of our team and all the workers we make available in the companies. In this line, our facilities meet all the safety and comfort requirements for employees and facilitate working with the appropriate prevention measures against Covid-19.

Support for research: we collaborate with the Fundación Lucha contra el Sida, a leading entity in the development of research programs to improve people’s health. FLSida focuses its fight against infectious and immune diseases such as AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer’s. It also has various lines of action, such as the search for a vaccine against Covid-19, the creation of a research centre in Mozambique (Hospital Carmelo) and research into an AIDS vaccine, among many other projects.

Monitoring the well-being of the team: being well at work has a direct implication on our happiness and well-being. In order to take the pulse of our team and see their well-being, we conduct a monthly internal survey that allows each person to share how they feel in their work environment and on a personal and family level.

Results of the survey carried out to the team during the month of July 2020