Internal gender equality policies: Eurofirms Group is based on respect for what is intrinsic to equality and non-discrimination.

We also have an Equality Plan that guarantees gender equality in all the positions and work centres of the group located in the different countries where it is present.

Equality and non-discrimination of candidates: our selection process is based on equality and non-discrimination of candidates based on sex, age, disability, race, ideology, religion or economic status. To this end, our methodology and the technological tools that we have developed ensure that candidates and companies have equal opportunities for any person, and in each case we assess the skills, competences and professionalism in relation to the required profile.

Equal participation: we work and practice full and effective equal participation of women, as well as equal leadership opportunities at all decision-making levels of the company.

Percentage of men and women who work in Eurofirms Group
Percentage of men and women who are leaders in Eurofirms Group