Internship programs in the company: we have agreements with various universities and study centres to facilitate access to the world of work for young people completing their studies, offering internship programmes in our offices that allow them to increase their technical and professional skills to access the world of employment.

Development and training: we have created the Eurofirms University, where all the people who are part of the team, in addition to the transversal training programs necessary for their training and professional development, learn and lay the foundations of leadership by values.

Employee branding and training in new trends: through a cycle of exclusive training sessions on Employee branding and webinars on this and other trends related to people management, we contribute to the development of people managers and HR directors.

Sessions and seminars in business schools and training centres: Eurofirms Group’s value-based leadership model has been presented in leading business schools such as IESE, educational institutions such as CEU or UPC (Talent Tech), to inspire future managers to manage under a model of social and economic sustainability. In addition, IESE has recognized the case of Eurofirms Group as successful and is shared in its Masters Programs.